About Chargeback Protection

Learn about the benefits of chargeback protection, indemnification, and approval rates

Chargeback Protection and Indemnification

Coinflow collaborates with our leading chargeback protection service provider to offer protection and indemnification against chargebacks. Our partner leverages advanced machine learning models, which utilize historical merchant data to determine if a purchase is fraudulent.

Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks are disputes initiated by customers claiming unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. Through our partner, we can provide comprehensive chargeback protection to shield merchants from the financial impact of chargebacks. Basic chargeback protection services include transaction monitoring, fraud detection, and dispute management to prevent chargebacks before they happen.

Chargeback Indemnification

Chargeback indemnification goes a step further by transferring the financial liability for chargebacks to our partner. If a chargeback occurs despite our protective measures, all financial costs (including the original payment amount and chargeback fees) are covered by Coinflow.


Chargeback indemnification is currently only available for card purchases.

Approval Rates

Approval rates refers to the percentage of transactions that are accepted and not flagged as fraudulent by either the issuing bank or Coinflow's chargeback protection provider. For example, if a business has an approval rate of 95%, it means that 95 out of 100 transaction attempts are approved for being legitimate purchases and funds are processed with no errors.

High approval rates suggest that most customer transactions are successfully processed. This is a crucial unit for maintaining sales and customer satisfaction. Low approval rates indicate that the models are learning and or your application has an open attack vector, allowing fraudsters and stolen cards to be used on your platform.


Chargeback protection fees vary based on the risk profile of a merchant. Contact our sales team at [email protected] to learn about the specific pricing. Coinflow offers chargeback protection as a value-added service and does not profit from these fees. Merchants who opt-in can choose to either cover the fees themselves or pass them onto their end-users.

What are the Benefits of Chargeback Protection?

Financial Security
Protects your business from unexpected losses due to chargebacks.

Focus on Growth
Allows you to concentrate on your core business while we work with our partner to handle disputes.

Customer Trust
Enhances customer confidence by providing a secure payment experience.

Approval Assurance
Confidence to scale and approve more transactions resulting in higher revenue.