⚙️ How Checkout Works

Learn how to start collecting payments on your site


When you enable Coinflow Checkout, your users can buy digital assets or services with a credit card, fiat bank, or by connecting their crypto wallet to pay, stable tokens, non-stable tokens or a special Coinflow store of value (‘Coinflow Credits’)

To complete a purchase, you will need to build a blockchain transaction that will be executed as if the user is making a purchase with USDC.

For all supported chains, there is no difference in the transaction you construct between a user making a purchase with USDC, or their using their credit card. Coinflow takes care of all the complexities and modifies the transaction for you.

Checkout lifecycle and flow of funds

  1. Customer signs in and is shown an iFrame with the Coinflow Checkout widget
  2. Customer enters their credit card or bank information to complete a transaction
  3. Coinflow executes your transaction, while authorizing the purchase through a payment processor.
  4. Merchant receives the settled payment and user receives item or service

Closed-loop stored value, or ‘Coinflow Credits’

As an alternative option to direct, one-time purchases, users with wallets can purchase ‘Coinflow Credits,’ a store of value that is 1:1 with the US dollar and is held in a blockchain wallet. Customers can freely purchase credits to top-up their balance then purchase goods or services with their balance. All Credits are ‘locked’ in your platform, meaning users who purchase Credits from you can only spend them on your application.

The purchase flow may look slightly different when a value store is involved:

Prebuilt UIs & APIs

Coinflow Checkout embeds directly into your application through a React component. Adding the pre-built UI to your website only requires a few lines of code and can be integrated in minutes.
While integration is extremely simple, you won’t have 100% control with pre-built interfaces. For maximum customization, leverage Coinflow’s APIs to build your own frontend solution while preserving the power of Coinflow behind the scenes.

Boost retention & revenue

Coinflow comes pre-packaged with leading payment capabilities to provide industry leading user experience, so customers keep coming back and spending on your platform. Coinflow saves cards between purchases while being fully PCI-compliant. We will never save data directly on our servers.

✅ Apple Pay
✅ Google Pay
✅ Card saving
✅ Bank account connection
✅ Stores of value (‘Coinflow Credits’)

Boost Compliance

Worried about risk associated with credit card payments? Coinflow offers complete protection for fraud and chargebacks and is compliant with PCI standards.

✅ PCI Compliance
✅ Fraud Prevention
✅ Card Validation
✅ Chargeback Monitoring

More built-in cool features

It doesn’t stop there. Coinflow includes even more features and add-ons to round out a complete checkout solution.

✅ Error Messaging
✅ Webhooks for purchases
✅ Multi-token purchases
✅ Multi country support
✅ Purchase refunds
✅ First time purchase bonus
✅ USDC payment settlement
✅ Bank account payment settlement
✅ Custom branding
✅ Admin features
✅ Analytics

Payment methods we support

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, all major banks through Plaid