👋 Getting Started

Welcome to Coinflow Documentation!

Are you using the prebuilt UI or the APIs?

Prebuilt UI: You are on the web or have a react native app, and want all the Coinflow features out of the box with minimal updates to the look and feel and no updates to the user flows. If this is you, check out our 📚Integration Builder!

APIs: Your application is not on a supported platform or you want full customization and white-labeling of the purchase flows. Check out our API Docs!

Common use cases:

  • I want my users to be able to buy NFTs with a credit card: See our 💳 Card Checkout page.
  • I have high dollar amount purchases and want the lowest possible fees for my users: See our 🏦 ACH Checkout page.
  • I want my users to be able to withdraw their crypto balances from my applications wallet directly to their bank accounts: See our 💸 Withdraw page.
  • I want to use pre-built UI: See the 📚Integration Builder Guide**.
  • I'm using APIs: See the 📖 API Docs.

Don't see your use case?

If you don't see your answers in our topics, please send us feedback using the Suggest Edits button.