💸 Pay deposit bonuses

Merchants can set up bonuses for new or existing customers based on a custom set of rules. The details of this bonus will show up in the pre-built UI, making for a seamless experience.

To show an example of this, imagine you are a game that wants to offer a 100% first purchase match up to $20 for new customers. With Coinflow, this is built in automatically with no extra work.

The following strategies are available for giving bonuses to users:

  • Deposit match up to $N
    • Will match user deposits 1-1 up to $N
    • ex: Match user up to $20
      • User deposits $10, they get a $10 bonus
      • User deposits $30, they get a $20 bonus
  • Deposit X, get Y
    • When a user makes a minimum purchase of $X, give them an extra $Y
    • Ex: $5 bonus over $10
      • User deposits $5, bonus $0
      • User deposits $15, bonus $5