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Accept credit card payments with on-chain settlement

Coinflow Checkout is a complete payments stack with a low-code integration allowing you to build a customized payment page and accept traditional payment methods.

Checkout is fully customizable and embeds directly into your application, giving you a full suite of tools to boost retention, compliance and application features in one seamless integration. Coinflow allows for direct purchases of goods and services on your application through popular payments methods as well as purchasing stored value, like a balance on a gift card, that can be used for future payments.


This demo site uses real cards and real payment processors

You won't buy anything, but it is simple showcase of Coinflow's pre-built UIs & credit card processing capabilities

Pre-built UIs

Coinflow offers a suite of embeddable, pre-built UIs to help you quickly and securely integrate common checkout workflows into your application. These pre-built UIs are fully customizable to your application's look and feel. Additionally, all of our UIs are built with security in mind and are fully PCI-compliant. With our UIs your team can focus on your product instead of wasting time on compliance and security.

Web3 Transactions

When you enable Coinflow Checkout, your users can buy digital assets and interact with your smart contract with a credit card, fiat bank, or by connecting their crypto wallet.

To complete a purchase directly with your smart contract, you will need to pass in a transaction to the UI component (). The transaction object should be constructed exactly like the user is making a the purchase with USDC. This means for all supported chains, there is no difference in the transaction you pass between a user making a purchase with USDC, or their using their credit card. Coinflow takes care of all the complexities and modifies the transaction for you.

Saved Cards

Cards for users are saved between purchases, meaning that a user will only need to put in their credit card details a single time. This improves conversion on subsequent purchases and reduces friction for your users.

Coinflow is fully PCI-compliant and does not save this data directly on our servers.

What’s Next

Explore more of the checkout configuration options that Coinflow has to offer!