📆 Subscriptions

The Coinflow ecosystem provides a way to bill your customers on a weekly / yearly interval. You define the subscription plan(s) and the subscribers will be charged accordingly.

Defining Plans

Plans are the backbone of subscriptions - they define how a subscription will work.

Plan Details

NameYesThe short description of the plan
CodeYesThe unique identifier of the plan (no spaces)
DescriptionNoA explanation of the details of the plan
IntervalYesThe frequency of billing (Monthly / Yearly)
DurationNoThe number of intervals the subscription will run until expiration. For example, if the frequency is monthly and the duration is 12, the subscription will expire after a year
AmountYesThe base amount ot be billed every interval
TransactionNoSolana Only - the on-chain transaction to be used for the payments

Managing Plans

Once a plan is created, you can see the subscribers, edit the details, and deactivate it


When you click on one of the plans, you will see all of the subscribers listed for that plan. You can quickly see the payments made for the subscription or cancel the subscription.

Subscriptions can be in the following states:

ActiveThe subscription is in good standing
CanceledThe subscription was canceled by the merchant or customer
ExpiredThe underlying plan is not longer available
ConcludedThe duration of the plan has reached the end
FailedA recurring payment failed (suspending the subscription)
BlockedThe customer has been blocked in our ecosystem (suspending the subscription)

What’s Next

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