Settle to Bank Account

Learn how to configure your settings to settle revenue to a bank account.

If you would prefer to receive purchase revenue directly to your business bank account, set up Coinflow bank account settlement and stop sending a transaction for Coinflow to execute. All purchases will be settled straight to your bank account.


Funds are processed at midnight CST every night for the purchases from the following day. This means you can expect the funds to be delivered to your account during the following business day after a purchase is made.


  1. Go to the Coinflow Merchant Dashboard .
  2. Go to Settings in the sidebar.


Do not enter a Wire Routing Number into the routing number field

Funds are sent to your bank account via ACH.

  1. Find the Bank Settlement Settings section and enter:
    1. Your company's bank account ACH Routing Number
    2. Your company's bank account number
    3. The type of account: checking or savings


Do not use a transaction prop in your <CoinflowCheckout /> component.

If using APIs, ensure you do not pass a transaction to the endpoint.


You can use the following routing and account numbers on sandbox only:

Routing: 071000013
Account: 634644444