🏦 ACH Purchase Status'

Purchases made via ACH are not the same as those made with credit/debit cards. This is due to the fact that ACH is not real time. What this means is that no guarantees can be made at the time of purchase that the customer has enough funds in their account to meet the purchase amount.


ACH purchases do not settle for T+3 Business Days after batching

What this means in practice is that ACH purchases do not settle for T+3 Business Days after batching. Meaning in the worst case with a long holiday weekend, someone kicking off an ACH purchase on Friday afternoon, settlement will not happen until Thursday of the following week. This can cause customer confusion because the purchase is not immediately available in their wallet at the point of purchase.

The following status indicate where an ACH purchase is in the process:

PENDING - This is the first status that will show immediately after a customer initiates an ACH payment.
BATCHED - The ACH (Automatic Clearing House) has started processing this ACH transfer. At this point in time or shortly after customer's will see the money leave their bank account. Any potential errors (such as not enough funds) will occur after batching.

SETTLED - This happens T+3 business days after batching and just means that the ACH transaction was successful and funds have been released (Credits sent to users wallet/USDC sent to merchant/Delayed Transaction ran).

FAILED - The ACH purchase failed after batching for any reason. This is due to the ACH system rejecting the transfer.