⛽️ Gas-less EVM USDC Withdraw

Allow users to offramp their USDC without the need for Eth/Matic Tokens

Coinflow allows users to withdraw their USDC directly to their bank accounts without needing to have ETH/MATIC in their wallets. This is ideal for merchants who have customers who are not "crypto-native" and would not typically have those tokens in their wallet.


Gas-less transactions are only available for USDC. For all other tokens, users pay the gas fees using the ETH/MATIC balance from their own wallets.

Merchants have the ability to decide how the gas fees are paid for:

  • Merchants pay the gas fees on behalf of the user, as an invoice at the end of the month
  • User pays the gas fees directly from their balance

For example, if a user is withdrawing $10 and the gas fee is $2, they would receive $8


Users are always able to pay for the gas fees from their own wallet ETH/MATIC balances